Monday, 10 March 2014

Live life the easy way with secure automatic gate openers!

Live life the easy way with secure automatic gate openers!

Installation of an automatic gate opener: 

is an excellent way to secure your house from unwanted entries and exits. Most of these openers are designed for gates with swing or slide functionality and are easily available across the globe. Equipped with an automatic arm to aid the opening and closing of supported gates, these automatic gate openers are built using high quality raw materials and yet come at extremely economical prices. Incorporation of solar panels in the design not only makes them eco-friendly but also ensures longer battery life and prevents any hindrance to the functioning of the gate operators in absence of a source of electricity. So the next time you come in or go out of your house, you could open your gate with the click of a remote button. Electric gate openers function on different access controls like remote, intercom or keypads.

Searching the Internet could provide a great deal of information on these gate openers. They can be operated by means of a keypad, intercom or a remote control and are also sold in packages at extremely affordable rates along with accessories like gate locks, battery chargers, gate covers and other interesting products. The LA500 gate openers, which can be installed on most swing gates is a great buy product, as they can handle gates which are 20 feet long due to the strength and quality of material they are built with and are budget friendly. The battery has the option of being charged both via electric power as well as solar power. These highly reliable gate openers come with a timer that one can set for automatic closing of gates after the preset time. The  control board has soft start/stop feature that prevents larger gates from shaking. The LA500 automatic gate openers are one of the best gate openers available in the market.

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